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Du Design, 2018

Tamanduá dinner table

  • Dimensões (mm)

    L1400 P1400 A750
    L2000 P1000 A750
    L2200 P1100 A750
    L2400 P1200 A750
    L2600 P1100 A750
    L2600 P1200 A750

  • Materials

    Japan Raisin Wood

    Top laminated in chinaberry

  • Description

    The design of the legs and sides of the top is the highlight of this table with organic lines. It is a discreet, elegant and functional piece that fits in all styles of projects. The central part is laminated in natural or toned wood and the feet and sides of the top in machined solid wood.

    Produced with wood from the Japanese Grape tree. Brought from the orient in the 70s, this species developed mainly in the south of the country and is now considered invasive. The animals prefer its fruits to the native ones and spread thousands of seeds in the forest. Over the years, native trees are losing ground to Japanese grapes, which can provide fruits to feed the fauna for only two or three weeks, unlike the diversity of native trees that produce fruits throughout the year. Thus, its use in the production of furniture helps in the reconstruction of the environment, allowing native species to develop again.

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