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Azzurra, 2019

Aguapé armchair

  • dimensions

    L780   P720   A600 

  • Materiais

    Estrutura em alumínio, assento e encosto em corda náutica trançada.

  • Description

    The Aguapé Armchair is a light, relaxed and very comfortable piece. Made of aluminum and nautical rope, it was designed mainly for outdoor spaces and balconies, but it works very well indoors too. With the fell of a beach chair, it brings a little of the good felling we have while barefoot on sand.

    The armchair has a series of elements that give personality to the piece: the slanted locking between the legs, the design of the legs and the movement of the nautical rope making the braiding are striking features of this chair.

    It is part of the Janelas do Sertão Collection. The name of the collection takes us directly to the scenario that inspired us, the exuberant nature of the hinterland and coast of Piauí. Its colors, shapes, textures and reliefs brought visual elements that gave rise to the features of each project. The color palette for the selection of fabrics was also inspired by the colors found in images of this nature .

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