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Tangará armchair

It is a simple armchair that can be used in different types of decor. The solid wood structure, with turned edges and feet makes its look light and modern.

Jubarte chair

Its back is reminiscent of the tail of whales that migrate during the winter to breed on the coast of Rio Grande do Sul. 

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Cadeira Água.jpg
Serras de Minas carpet collection

Minas Gerais , rich in baroque architecture, cobblestone streets and its mountains, make up  a unique and exuberant landscape. This scenario inspired the new Serras de Minas carpet collection.

The rhythm created by lines and shapes with varying spacing is constant, and brings movement to the drawings that refer to the alternation of relief in local landscapes.

The rugs are hand-woven in Minas Gerais by Tecelagem Brasil artisans. The richly detailed wefts are executed with an exquisite finish in silk, sisal, jute, chenille and cotton threads.

Vasos Cacau.jpg
Açude and Moringa Vases

The sand bed and water were the elements that inspired us to create the Açude vase (right). The thin edge has a small detail, an asymmetrical cut that brings personality, lightness and contemporaneity to the product.

The set of Moringa vessels (left) emerged from the representation of defrost phases, each in a more advanced stage of melting. Playful and provocative, the set invites the viewer to a game of reflection and discovery.

Cadeira Veleiro.jpg
Gola Armchair

With cozy seating and clean design, the Gola line is composed of an armchair and sofa. The furniture is made of aluminum and nautical rope, ideal for balconies and outdoor areas. The edge that suggests a collar, brings grace and lightness to the products.



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Rua Ferreira de Araújo, 818

Baixo Pinheiros - São Paulo - SP

+55 11 3816-8308

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