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Du Design, 2018

Colombina Mirror

  • Dimensões (mm)

    L450  P1050  A40    

    L 450  P550  A40  

    L500  P500  A40

  • Materials

    Japan Raisin Wood

  • Description

    Mirrors with solid wood frame in different sizes that allow different compositions on the wall or individual use in living rooms, halls and washrooms.

    Produced with wood from the Japanese Raisin tree. Brought from the orient in the 70s, this species developed mainly in the south of the country and is now considered invasive. The animals prefer its fruits to the native ones and spread thousands of seeds in the forest. Over the years, native trees are losing ground to Japanese raisins, which can provide fruits to feed the fauna for only two or three weeks, unlike the diversity of native trees that produce fruits throughout the year. Thus, its use in the production of furniture helps in the reconstruction of the environment, allowing native species to develop again.


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