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Moora Furniture, 2015

Molish Armchair (Set)

  • dimensions

    L1200 P1000 A820

    L500 P760 A410 (Pouf)

  • Materials

    Tauari solid wood structure, leather straps, leather or fabric upholstery and aged copper or brass details

  • Description

    Moliçosa was born from the union of two pieces full of Brazilianness: the Mole armchair, created in 1957 by the architect Sérgio Rodrigues and the Preguiçosa chair, created in 1950 by Lina Bo Bardi's Studio de Arte Palma. In tune with the modern language of the 50s, the pieces rescue a strong element of Brazil's cultural roots: the hammock, for sitting and sleeping, created by the indigenous people of South America. Its simple structure in solid wood, crafted with precise fittings, it suspends the leather straps, which receive comfortable pillows, allowing the user to accommodate themselves in a perfect way, as if they were in a hammock. The ottoman complements the relaxed sitting. Details in aged brass or copper add elegance and contemporaneity.

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