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Origin, 2019

Moringa Vase 60°

  • Dimensões (mm)

    vaso 60°    L295  P273  A239  

    vaso 70°     L295  P285 A268

    vaso 80°     L295  P292  A288

    vaso 90°     L295  P295  A300  



  • Materials

    solid wood

  • Description

    The set of Moringa vases arose from a game of cutouts that gives movement and dynamism to the set of 4 pieces. As if melting, the vase receives cuts at its base. It is a project that seeks to bring lightness, joy and well-being. A product that interacts with the environment and takes the viewer into a game of reflection and discovery.

  • 3D download

  • Download 2D

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